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Shooter of the Year 


SOY points will be calculated for each tournament as follows:

  • Archer’s score divided by highest OTA Member’s* score in the applicable class x 100.

  • An archer will receive 100 points even if he/she is the only shooter in the class.

  • An archer will receive zero (0) points for any tournament not shot.

  • SOY Awards will be given to classes where there are at least two eligible archers.

  • An eligible archer is defined as an OTA/USA Archery Member who completes at least three of the five OTA events in the same age class/division.

    • Master’s division archers will be combined across 50+, 60+ and 70+ to form one Master’s division for recurve and one Master’s division for compound archers. 

  • Should a tie occur, the points tie shall be broken with participation in the State Field Championship. If a score tie still exists, the winner will be decided by X count. 

  • The eligible archer’s best three scores will be used to calculate overall SOY points.

*An OTA Member is defined as USA Archery Member who has State of Ohio Residency and has a current annual or lifetime membership paid to USA Archery​

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